You might be studying for math or sciences, you might be preparing for O-levels or N-Levels. It is important to study hard and effectively if you want to do well. The following are some important strategies that we have compiled from some of the top...

Every year, there will be Sec 4 students (or their parents) who approach me one month before O-levels to help them with A-Math. Sometimes, their A-math knowledge is almost non-existent. Given the limited amount of time left and the vast extent of wor...

Before our math tuition class today, I noticed one of my students doing her physics electromagnetism revision for her upcoming O-level prelims and had difficulty executing the Fleming's Left Hand rule. Although it was not a math topic, I decided to g...

The above video by Mathemagician Art Benjamin shows an ingenious way of squaring any 2-digit numbers easily without a calculator. If you practice and master this technique, it serves as an amusing and fanciful trick to "show off" to you friends! Besi...

This is a continuation of a previous post Math Fail! When Students Give Up on Math! (Part 1) 

1) Show your work! A picture speaks a thousand words!

2) The terrorist problem is real

3) Nice try!

4) Valiant attempt in getting more marks during exams!

5) Th...

1) Our tutor said that Math is the solution to all problems!

2) When in doubt, just make an educated guess!

3) You can find the solution to most of your household math problems in the supermarket!

4) Teachers are humans too :)

5) Always follow instructi...

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