Having worked with thousands of students as an educator, it becomes easy to identify patterns and behaviors of students that uplifts them as well as those that cripples them. Ultimately, what differentiates a successful student from a less successful...

In the new O-level E-math syllabus, an additional segment has been introduced to the statistics Data analysis section on Misleading Statistical Diagrams.

Are you an O Level E-math student trying hard to remember the graphs of power functions? One outdated yet common way that students memorize the graphs of power functions is to do it by rote learning. They look at the graphs, memorize it, sketch...

There is very little memorizing required for O-level Additional Mathematics paper.

Yet as a specialist math tutor, it is still my goal to make the few formulas as memorable as possible for my students.

The following is a cute and memorable way to remem...

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