This is a continuation of a previous post Math Fail! When Students Give Up on Math! (Part 1) 

1) Show your work! A picture speaks a thousand words!

2) The terrorist problem is real

3) Nice try!

4) Valiant attempt in getting more marks during exams!

5) Th...

1) Our tutor said that Math is the solution to all problems!

2) When in doubt, just make an educated guess!

3) You can find the solution to most of your household math problems in the supermarket!

4) Teachers are humans too :)

5) Always follow instructi...

The most common question that I get from my students: “Cher, how do I stop making careless mistakes during math exams?”

The most common reason I get from my students when they didn’t do well : “Cher, I made a lot of careless errors sia!”

Careless mista...

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