Completing the square of a quadratic equation is a very useful technique that is used for solving quadratic equations(E-Math), finding the turning point of a quadratic graph (E-Math) and finding the center of a circles equation (A-Math). However, stu...


1) Silly mistakes are not silly! Take it seriously!
The fact that you are reading this article means that you are taking this issue seriously. Please do not ever sweep it away as “just another silly mistake”....

Number Patterns is one of the chapters in O-level E-Math where students rarely have 100% confidence of getting it right during the exams. Most Singaporean students are pretty good at identifying patterns and have no problem spotting the logic behind...

Are you having difficulty with remembering graph shapes of different functions? Graphs of power functions is a chapter in the O-levels mathematics syllabus and students need to know how to sketch all the core functions.

I have met students who success...

Learn how to calculate standard deviation using the calculator (Casio fx-96SG Plus).

In the new O-level E-math syllabus, an additional segment has been introduced to the statistics Data analysis section on Misleading Statistical Diagrams.

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