The big secret to raising strong, successful children is to understand the psychological concept of “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy” (SFP). This theory is created by a sociologist named Robert K. Merton in 1948. His theory states that any prediction or bel...

The most common question that I get from my students: “Cher, how do I stop making careless mistakes during math exams?”

The most common reason I get from my students when they didn’t do well : “Cher, I made a lot of careless errors sia!”

Careless mista...

I have been a maths tutor in Singapore for almost a decade and I am dedicated to continually improve my efficiency as a tutor and a coach. After all these years of tutoring mathematics, I have formed my own ideas and impressions on what makes a great...

"Reflection is mother of wisdom."  ~ Wise person

After a long day of tutoring, I have decided to spend some quiet time reflecting about how to become a better tutor to help my students. Below are some nuggets of wisdom that were developed during the l...

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