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Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms carefully before usage of this web site. Using this website indicates that you agree and accept these terms.

Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights and materials on the website are owned by the website owner. Apex Math Tuition authorizes you to view and download materials at this website for personal use. You may not modify or adapt or reproduce or distribute materials at this website for any public or commercial purpose. All materials at this website are copyrighted and any unauthorized usage may infringe copyright laws. 

Limitation of Liability and Indemnification

Apex Math Tuition does its best to ensure all information displayed on the website is accurate. Apex Math Tuition gives no warranty about the content of the website. Some content may be out-of-date or irrelevant. We give our best effort to ensure the accuracy of the content on the website but we will not accept liability for the accuracy of all the content at any given point in time. If you discover any inaccurate information, please contact us through email and we will correct it as soon as practicable.

Neither Apex Math Tuition nor its directors, employees, agents and contractors shall be liable to you for any loss, damages or claims whatsoever arising in connection with the usage of the information, materials or contents on the website.

External Links

External links provided on this website are for your convenience and are beyond the control of the website administrators. Any usage or visit to external links is at your own risk and Apex Math Tuition will not be held liable for any related damages suffered from external links. Do refer to the terms and conditions of external websites before usage.

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