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Common Student Problems

Common Obstacles in Learning Math

After teaching for many years, we observe that most students always go through the same few phases of learning and face the same issues in their journey to excel in mathematics:


Issue 1: "I don't understand the concept (algebra, trigo etc)"

Issue 2: "I don't know how to apply the concept"

Issue 3: "I understood it a month ago. But I forgot how to do it now." 

Issue 4: "I ran out of time during exam"

Issue 5: "I got so many careless!"

Issue 6+: "I... hate math, am confused, dont know what I am doing, am always tired, got distracted by classmates, am addicted to gaming, have a horrible teacher, am stupid etc."






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For many students, they do not know how to overcome each of these barriers successfully. As a result, they keep falling further back while new barriers continue to form ahead of them as the school moves through the syllabus. Over time, some students become desperate, then de-moralized and eventually give up on learning math




Our Value as Math Tutors

As a tutor, our role is to help our students overcome these issues one by one as we journey down the syllabus:


1) We deconstruct complicated concepts down to bite-size information for our students to digest easily.

2) We use innovative teaching methods such as guided memory palaces, mnemonics, reflex conditioning training, metaphors etc to help students remember math concepts effectively.

3) We introduce creative games, competitions and logic puzzles in class to develop our students' critical thinking skills while allowing them to have fun and enjoy mathematics.

4) To improve our students' competency in their academics, they will be exposed to a large variety of math questions via our carefully curated in-house notes and tutorials. 

5) Process of spaced repetition will be adopted (in the form of mini quizzes or review practices) to allow students to review their past lessons periodically and reinforce their knowledge retention.

6) Closer to major tests/examinations focus would be shifted to speed in solving questions. Timed practice would be given more attention during out math tuition classes.


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7) Finally, when a student has reach the stage of being overconfident (i.e. careless mistakes), they will be taught a most effective technique of consolidating their mistakes and learning from them. In addition, they will also be given tips on how to check their work independently and quickly.


8) To help students with other non-technical issues such as lack of motivation, lack of confidence, lack of focus etc. We guide them using our expertise as a coach


Our Value as a Coach

Apart from technical expertise, the other important value we offer our students is coaching. Our role as a coach includes:

1) Motivate students to aim and achieve greater success.

2) Set clear, mutually agreed long-term goals with individual students and frequently review progress.

3) Promote the good values of hardwork, grit and discipline.

4) Listen to the problems that our students face and guide them to work out a solution.

5) Maintain high expectations and discipline from our students.

6) Encourage continuous improvements.

Please call Mr Au at 90126407 to learn more about our math coaching classes . Alternatively, you can drop us an email at

"Education is our passport to the future. For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today."  - Malcolm X

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