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About Mr Au (Math Specialist)

Hi! Welcome to Mr Au's humble website! Most of his students call him Mr Ausome (awesome :)) and he is a passionate full time graduate tutor specializing in secondary school mathematics (Additional Mathematics,  Elementary Mathematics and IP Mathematics). Having worked with hundreds of students, he understands the frustrations and confusion that many students experience in their struggle to learn mathematics. However, he believes that every single student has the potential  to excel in math as long as they receive the right guidance and supported with the right environment. 



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I aim to provide the highest quality maths tuition in Singapore at the lowest prices. I sincerely believe that most students can benefit from tuition. Yet those that need it the most are unable to afford good ones. Tuition has become a burden to many parents and I want to do my part to reduce this burden.



Mr Au is a double-degree graduate from our very own local university: National University of Singapore (NUS). He obtained a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering (1st Class Honors) and a Bachelor in Business Administration. Being a hardworker equipped with a set of effective learning techniques, he got onto the dean's list multiple times in NUS.


As a graduate from Raffles Institution and Raffles Junior College, he counts himself fortunate to have received such an excellent education. Thanks to his inspiring teachers and tutors, he obtained splendid results (8A1s in O-lvl and 4As in A-lvl). Now it's his turn to pay it forward to the next generation.

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Tutoring Experience

In order to fund for his university education, he started giving private tuition to secondary school students since 2008 (9 years experience). After having taught batches after batches of students, he understands the Singapore math syllabus inside out and got a good grasp of the kinds of problems that students typically face. To expand his competency in teaching, he worked at several famous tuition centres across Singapore as a math specialist. He has also authored and published assessment books such as the Comprehensive Guide: Additional Mathematics with Wisemann Publishing . Click here to learn more about the value he gives his students.


After graduation, he worked as a process engineer in ExxonMobil (one of the largest Oil & Gas MNCs in the world). He left after 1.5 years as he found that he enjoyed teaching and interacting with students more. Since then, he has dedicated his heart and soul to coaching his students and reap the priceless rewards of seeing them learn, improve and grow.

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