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  • Engaging and innovative teaching methods that allows students
    enjoy classes while learning effectively

  • Experienced and engaging coaches (Learn about our Math Specialist)

  • Ex-RI/RJC, NUS First-Class Hons Grad, Full-time Maths Tutor

  • Small classes of up to 6 students

  • Class duration of 2 hours each

  • Open to all Secondary 1-5 students (O-Levels/ N-levels / IP).

  • Specially tailored learning materials provided

  • Regular feedback to students and parents

  • Value for money

  • Limited spaces!

O Level Maths Tuition  | Maths Coaching | Learning Lab

Maths Tuition Class Structure (Singapore)

Caution: Every maths tuition class involves 100% active participation by every student. You will be engaged in active discussion, learning, practice, reviewing and testing. For students who excel in "going under the radar" in school, that skill will be not be necessary in these sessions.

"Mr Au!!! I feel sad that this is my last math lesson with you. I had a great time being in your class for the past year and your classes are very fun. I know I have been joking around alot but I studied very hard ok? I'm sorry I made you worry about me but as promised, I got A1 for both my maths in O-level! Thank you for your  patience and thank you for always making me do "one more question" despite my complaint.

-Issac Tan (Victoria School)

O Level Maths Tuition Singapore
Students' Results
2023 Maths Tuition Sessions Schedule
Tuition Class Schedule
O level Math Tutor Singapore - Apex Math

Although we have quite a few days available for classes, our classes can be full due to popular demand (esp during exam periods). If you are turned down due limited capacity, I sincerely apologise and hope you could kindly understand. To maintain the quality and be fair to all students, a class limit of 6 students is strictly enforced. 

Please call or message Mr Au at 9012 6407 for latest details on available vacancies!

Trial Lessons


Free trial lessons are available because we believe in the quality of our classes. Simply drop Mr Au a call or message at 90126407 to find out about our latest schedule and availability. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at and we will reply you within 24 hours.

O Level Maths Tuition | O level Math Tutor Singapore

"I am very happy to have done well for my math exams this year! Learning math has always been difficult for me as I never seemed to be able to understand anything in school. However, you have been very patient and supportive of me and that has helped me build up my confidence in maths. Thank you for always explaining my mistakes to me patiently and allowing me to clarify my misunderstandings.  Please continue to tutor me next year! "


Lynn (Cedar Girls' Secondary School)

"I used to think I am hopeless in math. I used to wonder why my friends were able to understand math so quickly in class. I used to hate math... Until my friend introduced me to you. I still remembered that on my very first tuition class, I was very inspired by your superb ability to solve math problems instantaneously and break down the concept into a simple manner which I understood immediately. And at the same time you give off a very supportive and reliable aura that made me feel confident. Over time, my results in math climbed and I worked even harder and finally achieved my A1 in O-level Math. Thank you Mr Au for everything! " 


Johnathan (Nan Chiau High School)

O Level Maths Tuition | O level Math Tutor Singapore
Maths Coaching Fees


We aim to create the best possible learning environment for our students at reasonable prices. We continually innovate to ensure our classes are both enjoyable and effective for our students. Our fees are currently priced at $320/month (updated 2023). Find out about our schedule by giving us a call or message (90126407). Alternatively, you can register via the form below or drop me an email at

Tuition Class Registration

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