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Apex Math O-Level Boot camp (3 or 4 Days Course)


Every June and September Holidays, we organise a math boot camp for sec 3/ sec 4 students to brush up their mathematics. This is a 3 or 4 full day boot camp that transforms students into immensely motivated, expert learners and will help them gain mastery of the whole Math syllabus. This course is most useful for Sec 4/Sec 5 students who wants a good boost in math mastery and motivation to secure their distinctions in O-levels.


There are limited seats available! Sign up early!

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Math Bootcamp
Apex Math O-Level Bootcamp (3 or 4 Days Course)

(Complete revision in 36 hours)


We humbly welcome you to our Math O-Level Bootcamp.


Highlights of this bootcamp are:


  • Practice and master 100+ popular Math O-level/Prelims question

  • Master a well-proven technique used by tops students to eliminate carelessness during math

  • Learn and employ advanced techniques to stay focus on your revision and eliminate distractions

  • Experience how some of the most motivated students do their revision

  • Absolutely fun, enjoyable and fruitful session

  • Reinforce understanding of Math through interactive quizzes

  • Post-course support until end of O-levels

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Our boot camps are only offered during June and September holidays and are currently unavailable. If you are interested in improving your mathematics, please kindly sign up for our popular weekly mathematics classes


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