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O-level A-Math: Mastering Functions and Graphs (Part 2)

Are you having difficulty with remembering graph shapes of different functions? Graphs of power functions is a chapter in the O-levels mathematics syllabus and students need to know how to sketch all the core functions.

I have met students who successfully memorize all the power function graphs during one math tuition class and completely forgot about them a few weeks later. As a result, they had to go through the whole process and memorize the graph shapes again before every single test and exam.

Having studied memory techniques such as mnemonics, visualization skills and linking skills etc, I decided to formulate ways to make these power function graph-shapes much more memorable for all students. By visually linking graph shapes to objects such as volcanoes, rockets and planes, secondary school students will find it easier to remember the common power function graph sketches!

Hope this table will make studying math a little simpler and more interesting for you :)

Mathematics Graph and Functions

Do refer to this previous post for more secrets to remembering functions and graph shapes (Part 1)!

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery" Mark Van Doren

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