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TYS addict

3 Weeks ago

Mr Au: Student R, your badminton competition ended liao right? time to start revising your sec 3 stuff le!

Go start working on your TYS.

Student R: Okay, Cher.

2 Weeks ago

Mr Au: Student R, have you started on your TYS yet?

Student R: Last week no motivation to work leh.

Mr Au: The first step is always the hardest, but once you take it, it becomes alot easier to continue...You have 9 subjects to study for and each subject has like 10-20 chapters. You realise you don't really have alot of time left... ...*Mr Au went on and on with his motivational talk+ horror story + nagging...

Student R: Kay, I will complete 2 chapters of the TYS by next class.

Mr Au: Good. Everytime you finish one chapter, remember to tick off the chapter on the content page so we can keep track.

Student R: Kay!

1 Week ago

Student R: Cher, I completed 5 chapters liao!

Mr Au: Woah good job! Looks like somebody's on fire!

Student R: Yea, everytime I complete 1 chapter and tick off the content page, I feel very shiok. Somemore, the TYS also quite doable! Cher, you watch me, I am going to finish the TYS very soon :)

*Mr Au thinks to himself: Oops! another TYS addict...

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