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5 Myths About O-Level Mathematics Examinations

Myth 1: Getting 75% in your O-level math examinations will get you an A1!

75% will at most get you a B3 or an A2 in O-level examinations. From the experience of our O level math tutor, students usually need to score above 90% to get an A1 in E-math and above 85% for an A1 in A-math. Why? Because of the cruel bell curve god coupled with the perfectionist/kiasu attitude of the top students in Singapore. So if you are aiming for an A1 for your O level maths, you better aim for perfection.

Myth 2: Just do what your teachers assign and what your peers do, you will get a distinction.

Let’s face the fact. There is a limited number of distinctions that Cambridge can give out. Hence, the average student would get a B or a C. So if you are doing the same amount of work as every other student, then base on probability, you will end up with average results. So if you are hoping to get a distinction that would be wishful thinking. 80% of the students that get distinctions are all closet muggers (Yes, continue denying it). The remaining 20% of the distinctions goes to those who are simply overtly muggers. Morale of the story: If you want distinctions in your O Level mathematics, be a mugger and do three times as much work as what you think your peers are doing.

Myth 3: This year’s O-level math exams would be as easy/hard as last year

O-level math exams get harder every year. Else, where is the challenge? Hence, learn to think on your feet and practice the tougher questions on your own. Aim to understand the math concepts instead of memorizing them. Challenge some math Olympiad questions if you can get your hands on them.

Myth 4: Joining an O-Level Maths tuition class will provide you with a safety net

It doesn't. Joining a good O Level maths tuition class or getting help from an experienced O Level math tutor could be highly advantageous. Yes, you will receive useful tips, effective feedback, optimized resources, motivational coaching and someone to enforce discipline. All these are great to have but they are all useless if you do not do you due diligence. Ultimately, you are the one taking the exam and the one in direct control of your own fate. Even if you hire the best O level math tutor in Singapore, you can still fail if you do not do your work. Good O Level maths tuition classes provide you with beneficial resources but they DO NOT PROVIDE A SAFETY NET. Hence, even after joining one, you better stay attentive, be even more proactive and hardworking to maximize the benefits and resources that your parents paid for with their hard earned money.

Myth 5: I am smart, I will do well That is a stupid statement. Being smart is good since you can understand math concepts easily. However from our years of experience as O-level math tutors, we have seen many average students outperforming some of the geniuses. Math examinations are very fair since there is always a black and white answer and the results are always directly proportional to the amount of practice and hard work put in. Even geniuses cannot escape from careless mistakes if they do not put in the time to train and practice. Conversely, those who are not as bright can still do exceptionally well if they put in exceptional amount of effort.

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