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3 Telltale Signs Your Child Could Benefit From Math Tuition Today


Math Indices Tuition

[if !supportLists]​1. He or she cannot tell you which topic is currently being taught in school…

It happens a lot…When you ask them, “What are you learning in math class now?”, and they cluelessly answer, “Some circles thing, I think.”, it is an indication that the mathematical concepts involved in that chapter are not yet well-defined and accessible to your child. Therefore, the chapter’s name, which usually relates to its crucial ideas, is so easily forgettable.

It is important that they recognize the uniqueness of each chapter though, for in an examination, a question asking about a circular figure could be testing for understanding in geometry, mensuration or even statistics. So, if your child is unable to clearly distinguish between these topics and its related concepts, he or she might be unable to answer the question effectively. Since teachers in school are pressed for time and cannot thus linger on a topic for too long, having a math tutor would then guarantee that these chapters and concepts are revisited and imprinted in your child’s head at a suitable pace.

2. Your child is easily distracted and lacks discipline.

This is an inevitable part of growing up in our modern society—youthful adolescents look to the latest video games or upcoming Korean-drama series rather than their textbooks and calculators. Some may even feel the energy for intellectual work drained from them as soon as they step into their all-comforting homes. But we all know the key to excelling in math is to practice!

The constructive solution to this problem is to move a part of their learning into another more stimulating environment outside of school. A math tuition centre with teachers of expertise might motivate your child to commit to serious learning for at least a couple of hours, allowing him or her the safe and grounded space to apply new and old knowledge.

3. You have heard there is a “huge jump” to the next phase of your child’s Math journey, and your child is not yet exercising his or her fullest potential.

Let’s be honest…The transition from primary school math to secondary school math is rather challenging, much less the introduction of Additional Mathematics into your child’s secondary 3 school life! Math is a cumulative subject, in which each new piece of information is built on existing knowledge and skills—so a student’s foundation must be fundamentally strong to absorb and apply newer and more demanding concepts. If your child is about to move on to the next stage of his or her math journey, but has not quite showcased competent mastery of the chapters taught, math tuition would perhaps be timely in securing that solid foundation he or she needs, and aid him or her in adapting to more advanced concepts in the near future.

Ultimately, deciding upon whether your child needs math tuition is dependent on effective communication with him or her. Finding out what he or she is unconfident and weak in will allow better learning strategies to be adopted; math tuition is really but one of many courses of action to enhance the quality of your child’s math-learning experience. All the best!

Ms Tammie Lim

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