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8 Things we Eat/drink during Our Math Tuition Classes!

Sour Candies

These little sour bombs are favorites among students, especially the blue ones. Some students even shamelessly request that I top them up every week! The sourness does provide a small boost to keep students alert. It is especially important to those who are attending lessons after a long day at school!

Gummy Bears

These little packets of joy are a welcoming sight to many students. Most students are surprisingly good at rationing the little packet of 8 to 10 tiny gummy bears such that it lasts for almost an hour! At the same time, the small packet ensures that we are still well aligned with our government’s direction to curb diabetes. However, for students who are vegetarian, do note that most gummy bears are not vegetarian (Sorry!).


This is more often taken by the math tutor than the students. This is a staple to any math tutor who is teaching their third or fourth class on a busy weekend before the end of year examinations. To some of the older students, this magic caffeine potion is often the life-saver that help them win the war against fairies who desires to drag them into the world of dreams.


Water is the lubricant that keeps our brain running smoothly. Dehydration can cause fatigue. As such it is important to drink plenty of water when studying! Furthermore, drinking plenty of fluids will give us an excuse to visit the toilet more often. The toilet breaks are excellent opportunities for students to move around and refresh themselves. A short break in the middle of a 2-hour math tuition class would significantly improve learning efficiency of the students.

Vitamin C Pastiles

Our loving math tutor would distribute this tasty and healthy Vitamin C gummies when nearing exams, hoping that the miracle contents in it would live up to its name and boost the immune systems of students. It is absolutely not cool to get a cold during the exam periods!

Ice Cream

When we celebrate good results every year, students often request for ice cream as a treat. It is a favourite treat amongst many Singaporean students! This pleasurable treat makes the atmosphere a joyous one and it is definitely a deserving treat for all my hardworking students!

Green Tea

Travelling around Singapore under the sweltering heat is a challenge in itself and a packet of cold green tea is an absolutely refreshing remedy. This is always the first thing distributed to the students (sometimes even before the notes!). Furthermore, it hydrates the students, provide a minimal amount of caffeine to keep them awake and replenishes antioxidants in their body.


This is a delicious and filling item that appears in class for various reasons. It could be because of long workshops or when students are hungry or simply because Pizza hut is having a promotion/new flavour pizza that the math tutor wants to eat. For Halal or vegetarian students, don’t worry, you will never be left out!

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