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Should I Get Math Tuition for my Child? Benefits of having a Math Tutor?

Majority of students in Singapore join tuition classes and other enrichment classes. As such, many students and parents view tuition as a norm instead of a privilege. However, enrolling in a tuition class is a long-term commitment which consumes both resources and time. So let us find out some of the reasons why parents continue to enroll their children in tuition and what are the benefits they get.

*Since this website is dedicated to mathematics, we will be discussing specifically on math tuition instead of other subjects.

Math Tuition for Child

Maintain discipline

To excel in math, one needs to put in the time to practice. With the sheer number of distractions around, most of us can do better with a little help with maintaining self-discipline. This is the same for our children. Having a regular math tuition session and a professional math tutor watching over them would ensure that our children are consistent and on task.

Motivate and Inspire

Even the most hardworking and self-disciplined student would get weary after a whole year of working and revision. An excellent math coach will motivate and inspire the students to get them back on track and continue to reach for excellence. Sometimes, all we need is just that pat on the back, a little acknowledgement for our hard work, a reminder of our goals and we are back in shape to fight again.

Catching up

Math is a subject that continuously builds on previous knowledge and a weak foundation would cripple a student’s ability to pick up new concepts. Some students have missed out on previous mathematical concepts which result in them struggling now. An experienced math tutor would be required to spot these weaknesses and help fill up the missing gaps such that they can be up to speed again.

Improve Confidence

After failing several times, some students will start to lose confidence in their ability to do mathematics. Having a helping hand around to pull them up would help them regain confidence and their fighting spirit.

Teaching a more effective way of thinking and approaching questions

Good math tutors have a crystal-clear understanding of mathematical concepts. They are able to view and approach problems in a most simplified and effective manner. When the math tutor shares his way of viewing and approaching questions, students would instantly find a difficult concept become a piece of cake.

Provide a conducive environment

Studying in your own room is often too comfortable to be effective. Math tuition centers provide a more conducive environment for students to focus and study. The presence of other peers working hard in the same room would motivate students to work harder as well.

Provide materials and challenges that suit your child’s level

Different individuals learn at different pace. In school, the faster students would get bored down by the relatively slow pace while the slower students would be struggling hard to understand. Either way, it is not ideal. Some math tuition centers provide customized learning where tutors select and provide materials to match the learning pace of your child. These would ensure that your child is learning effectively at a comfortable pace.

Correct and Improve Learning Habits

A bad learning habit can significantly harm a student’s learning effectiveness. Good math tutors are educators who are aware of the best practices in learning and would impart these techniques to students such that they learn optimally.

Extra tips

Singapore is after all a pretty competitive place and a bit of advantage goes a long way. Full time math tutors are exposed to a wide variety of materials as they teach students from many different schools across Singapore. As such, they are well versed with the different tips and tricks. These tips and tricks would give their tuition students an extra edge over other students.

Positive feedback and instant feedback

When practicing a skill for long periods of time, if your technique is wrong, then all you become is very good at executing the wrong technique. As such, it is imperative to correct any wrong techniques quickly and practice only with the right techniques. One of the key benefit of having a math tutor is the ability to get instant feedback during practice which reinforces good techniques and curb any wrong techniques.


As much as a good math tutor can be very advantageous, having a bad and inexperienced one can bring significant harm. As such, it is important to talk to the tutor and check on a tutor’s experience, attitude and approach before enrolling your child with any math tutor or tuition center. Even after enrollment, occasionally check with your child that the tutor is providing the right support to him or her. Do find out more on what makes a good math tutor!

What makes a good math tutor

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